Who We Are

We empower women in every stage of their lives and careers with the guidance to craft savvy, strategic and sustainable plans for their financial futures.  SRT Wealth Design Group, LLC  is an independent, woman-owned and operated holistic financial planning firm designed to partner with our clients to help them achieve clarity about their money and achieve the financial independence and live the life they want. 

Based on your personal situation, we offer advice, not product driven solutions for your lifetime.   We believe that getting to know a client's personal situation, goals and needs are just as important as knowing what investment or insurance products they currently own. 

Our client relationships are built on open communication and trust.   Once we get to know you we then work collaboratively to build, prioritize, advise and maintain your personalized comprehensive financial plan.  We do this through a process we call “co-planning”. 

Some of the many financial planning areas we help our clients with include:

  • planning for and living in retirement
  • saving for college
  • establishing a budget
  • managing cash flow
  • reviewing investments & insurance
  • dealing with market fluctuations
  • adding a new family member
  • helping a loved one with special needs
  • sending your child off to college
  • deciding when to start taking social security
  • caring for your aging family
  • living life after the loss of a loved one

Our plans and advice are customized and will evolve with you and your family.

In addition to our planning services, we also offer investment and insurance recommendations and management.

We then invite you to reach out to us to schedule time for a personal conversation when we can get to know a little about you and how we could potentially help you and your family be financially independent and live the lives you want.

Especially for Women & Underserved Communities

Women in the United States have similar financial literacy knowledge compared to their male counterparts. However, statistically women and especially women of color and underserved communities have other challenges and barriers.  When asked what challenges or barriers affluent Black and Latinx women faced that made it difficult to start investing, 30% cited too much debt, compared to 22% of affluent white women. When they first became investors, 21% noted that services did not fit their needs or they had a bad experience, compared to 7% of their white counterparts.

At SRT Wealth Design, we are here to work with women and men. But we find that how we advise our clients creates an interactive and educational experience that women & underserved communities particularly appreciate and even enjoy!

  • We provide clarity for how to reach financial goals
  • We take the time to ask questions, listen and understand clients
  • We create a safe space to discuss difficult life obstacles and provide understanding and solutions backed by experience
  • We effectively manage the planning process and our clients time
  • We provide our clients with education and support– helping them understand their financial picture, financial options and make the best choice for themselves and their family
  • Invest in a better world for women & underserved communities if not you then who will?

SRT Wealth Design has access to  impact portfolios that are built to tackle issues that disproportionately affect women, like gender inequality, racial injustice, and climate change.