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As fiduciaries, we are legally-obligated to put your interests first.  As an independent firm we have no corporate parent pushing ‘financial products' on you or ‘sales goals' on us.  By intention, we are boutique in scale:  We want to know your financial goals, your family and values, the things that really matter to you that take money to be successful. 



We begin with a discussion of where you are today and guide you to fulfilling your dreams and aspirations concerning your financial  wellbeing.  We then create and provide you with a financial plan with a net worth statement, retirement projection, action checklist and other important reports to keep you on track. 

Company Retirement Plan Management  *asset allocation risk tolerance profile report on your 401(k), TSP, 403B, Stock options and other work related retirement account(s). 



• A review of your benefits package on which programs you should choose to maximize your company benefits.

• Access to a network of other financial professionals such as estate planning attorneys and CPA's.



Wealth Preservation & Wealth Building



  • Rollover, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Money Management

  • Tax Advantaged Investment Solutions

  • Pension Review Analysis and optimization

  • Social Security Timing analysis

  • Wills, Trusts (network of attorneys)

  • Life Insurance

  • Retirement Distribution Strategies